Project Liquid

Deploy, Manage & Scale Edge Applications with the Simplicity of the Cloud

We launched Project Liquid on a simple premise

Demand for edge computing is skyrocketing, yet the existing methods for standing-up edge sites, deploying applications to edge devices and managing workflow is overly specialized by use case, complex, hard to replicate, and costly. It’s time to bring the simplicity, security, and scalability of the cloud to the edge.

Just think about the potential innovation unlocked when something as commonplace as pushing an application service in a container to the public cloud is just as common across thousands of edge devices.

Project Liquid is our invitation to the open source community, application developers, hardware manufacturers, and the world’s biggest enterprises to reimagine the delivery, management, and scalability of edge computing.

Built for AI, IoT & Security at the Edge

Liquid Platform AI, IoT & Security Use Cases

Project Liquid for AI use cases

  • Access hard-to-reach training datasets from data sources in low-latency, high-security, and high-availability edge environments
  • Process raw data into useful training datasets at the edge
  • Quickly deploy the resulting trained models to back to the entire edge network

Project Liquid for IoT use cases

  • Push containerized software updates to edge devices
  • Implement IoT applications and lightweight local services in low-latency, high-security, and high-availability edge environments
  • Achieve centralize visibility across your distributed network
  • Manage device lifecycles and applications with cloud-native DevOps workflow

Project Liquid for Security use cases

  • Identify and isolate cyber-attacks form edge connections to your network
  • Use edge computing to quickly model the threat and log it in your security cloud
  • Manage security edge device lifecycles and applications with cloud-native DevOps workflow

Introducing The Liquid Platform

Integrated, single-view cloud platform for centralized management and oversight of edge devices, applications, and operations. The Liquid Platform’s seamless integration of OS, hardware, and controller unlocks cloud-native innovation in edge applications like AI, IoT, and Security.

Liquid Platform diagram

Edge Devices

Control, Monitoring & Provisioning

Scale an existing edge network or establish a dedicated network for your edge computing applications

  • Connect edge sites with preconfigured Liquid Edge OS devices drop-shipped to any edge location
  • Onboard edge devices easily with preconfigured hardware that requires nothing more than plugging in the power and Ethernet cables
  • Monitor the health of edge devices and network
  • Quickly identify and replace device failures

Edge Applications

Container Orchestration, Distribution & Analytics

Easily create application containers and deploy the application of your choice to edge devices

  • Create new applications with quick container file creation
  • Distribute containerized applications to edge devices with an intuitive visual interface
  • Monitor applications by the edge device, edge sites, and across the edge network
  • Update applications easily with stored containers
  • Delete applications by edge device or site

Edge Operations

SaaS Controller, DevOps & User Management

Cloud-native management of edge device lifecycles and edge application deployments

  • Support applications deployment, updates, and monitoring with cloud-native DevOps workflow
  • Monitor edge network devices and applications
  • Agile application development
  • SaaS-based pricing and low upfront cost structure enable networks to scale quickly with lower TCO

Do you have an edge use case that would benefit from Project Liquid?

Beginning in January 2019, the Project Liquid team is welcoming a select group of application developers, IT services partners, and enterprise network managers to the Project Liquid closed beta. We’d love to speak with you about your use case.

Let’s reimagine the delivery, management, and scalability of edge computing... together.